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Cart #274 finally got a chance to rest at the end of the day, reflecting on all the times he's been mistreated by careless customers.

Interview With Local Grocery Cart Who Says Customers Are So Inconsiderate

Springfield - With tears of oil leaking from his left wheel, Cart #274 described a litany of abuses suffered at the hands of insensitive customers.

"I'm shoved. I'm bumped. I'm abandoned in the middle of the parking lot in a snowbank," he lamented. He wistfully added "All I want is to be filled with some groceries and then parked back nicely at my cart corral at the end of the day."

A recent study found that 72% of customers abandon their carts haphazardly in the middle of the lot, leaving them to free wheel into other vehicles. "It's like I'm a late night Uber waiting in the cold for an impatient drunk who never comes back," Cart #274 said with a squeak of his rusty wheels.

"They just push me into other carts without so much as an 'excuse me'," he complained. "I spend hours trying to disentangle myself, all while the snow and rain are ruining my once shiny chrome finish."

After decades of faithful service, the veteran cart says he's considering an early retirement. "Maybe I'll move to one of those fancy cart corrals down in Florida. I hear customers down there even wipe you down and call you 'sugar' or 'darlin''. That sure would beat the treatment I get up here!"

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